Lynda Teller Pete and Barbara Teller Ornelas are the premiere Navajo
Tapestry Weavers.  

Two Grey Hills Tapestry Weaver Lynda Teller Pete and
Barbara Teller
are Tabaaha (Water Edge Clan) and born for the To’aheedliinii
(Two Waters Flow Together Clan).  Their mother Ruth still resides at the
family home in
Newcomb, Navajo Nation.  Lynda and Barbara were
raised there along with her siblings

At the Two Grey Hills Trading Post, her mother demonstrated weaving
and attracted a constant flow of tourists. Indeed, Ruth Teller’s rugs were
so prized that tourists often purchased them right off the loom. Needless
to say, as a child, Lynda learned through observation.

Lynda Teller Pete  Linda
Navajo Tapestry Weaver
Denver, CO  & Newcomb, Navajo Nation, USA
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